Precourse week 3 — Thanks for the memories

It's been difficult completing week 3 of the precourse in depth as there were a lot of fiddly and time-consuming exercises, yet so little time to do them all. I had to do most of the work at the weekend, but by then I was nursing one hell of a hangover from my leaving do, and every line of code was a blurry struggle to write.

We covered recursion and a bit of blocks/procs/yielding, but anything that requires putting one thing into another thing and then that thing into another thing, really baffles me. I just about managed to scrape a green tick on my submitted answers the night before the deadline, and only because I skimmed through the exercises that didn't have any RSpec tests (CHEAT!).

Smart mirror wide view

I've now officially left my job though (sob). They built me this incredibly beautiful monstrosity so I don't forget about them, and it's working! However, my first day off has been amazing. I... Queen Helene'd my face (that's a face mask to the non-skincare addicts) whilst doing a few paired-programming katas over Screenhero, had a nap, made myself a fish finger sandwich, got a manicure, went shopping, then for a few rounds of badminton, a natter at the pub, and back in time for Game of Thrones. I feel so free!

My point is that I absolutely recommend keeping your schedule free during the precourse weeks. I know the guidelines are to spend about 15 hours a week on the content, which you can technically fit around a 9-5 job, but it is really difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Ever heard of the cheap—fast—quality triangle? Generally speaking, client projects will fit two of those three requirements, whilst the third is sacrificed. For example, a project can be done cheaply and quickly, but will likely have awful quality spaghetti code. If you're still at a full-time job, the precourse definitely feels like that, only it's a work—life—study triangle. RIP lyf 😥