Software Engineer e-commerceWonderbly (formerly Lost My Name), Sep 2016 — current
  • Migrate monolith Rails application into a headless website driven by Prismic.io and various APIs
  • Continuously iterate and refactor (including one rebuild from scratch) React frontend application to improve speed, performance and infrastructure costs
  • Implement features to significantly decrease support tickets and improve customer conversion rates
  • Load-test and improve bottlenecks in the stack in preparation for high user traffic
Web Developer agencyNice and Serious, Mar 2014 — May 2016
  • Various animated websites for clients, including The Guardian, Wellcome Collection and The British Heart Foundation. See work examples
Coach voluntaryRails Girls London / Node Girls London, Nov 2015 — current
  • Empower budding female engineers by pair programming on any given project

Key skills —

Node, React & Redux, Ruby, Functional JS, OOP, TDD, Mentoring

Education 🎓

Makers AcademySoftware development course, May 2016 — Aug 2016
Imperial College LondonMSc Science Communication, Oct 2013 — May 2015 (part-time)
Manchester Metropolitan UniversityBSc Chemistry, Sep 2008 — May 2011

I can offer —

A curious mind 💭

I learn by throwing myself in the deep-end and building something with the technology I’m interested in.

I built a URL shortener in Go to try a strongly-typed language, then rebuilt it with the Serverless framework to get more comfortable with cloud computing. I’ve also experimented with GraphQL by converting a Ruby on Rails REST API to a GraphQL server.

A creative eye (and hand) 🎨

Whilst I’m no designer, I have enough of a creative flair to ensure anything I build is pleasant to look at. I’m also learning to paint with watercolours!

Such woof

Lastly, some testimonials from my lovely colleagues —

"She’s grown from an engineer full of potential when she started, to an engineer bursting with skill now. Plus the talks she’s giving and workshops she’s helping out with in the wider community. 🙏"
"Very adaptable and has demonstrated she is capable of working in whatever way others need her to."
"Always taking on work that even the most senior developer would shake at and doing such an incredible job with the work she delivers."