Precourse week 2 — The final countdown

It's my final week at Nice and Serious. I say that with a heavy heart, but also with excitement at what comes next. My swan song is a site for RSPO's campaign for good palm oil which fully launches today. If you're a 30yr old woman in New York, watch out! Targeted ads are coming to get you.

RSPO - Good or bad palm oil

The site uses the SVG.js library to dynamically create and tile squiggly sprinkles, so that they don't overflow the containers, don't overlap each other, don't intercept the text (much) and scale reasonably on different screen sizes. It was so much work for such a seemingly small feature!

😲 😞

I'm still struggling to find the time to do any of the precourse work outside of my working hours, so in all honesty I am quite relieved to be leaving soon.

I managed to get a few more code katas (smallish exercises) completed over the weekend though. There were some that gave me typer's block, so I ended up breaking the #1 Makers rule by fixating on them waaay longer than 30mins. I'm too fiercely stubborn to simply give up.