Precourse intro — It begins!

Yesterday evening was the induction to the precourse at Makers Academy. During the part-time precourse, we're expected to get to the same skill-level as each other before starting the full-time course, so that trivial things like basic syntax and environment setup don't hold us back. I met some of the other students too, of course. They're all super friendly and keen (I expected no less) with very varied backgrounds — one student sells maps, which I think is amazing because it's so damn niche.

I finally had a chance to look at the materials after work today. Command line and version control is up first? Easy peasy, I use these all the time! But hold up — what does touch do? What about tail? And cat?

Cat coaster

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This cat is not related to cat, unfortunately. cat is actually short for concatenate. I learnt something new already, even as a somewhat experienced developer, and I've only been looking at this stuff for an hour.

I skipped ahead a little (oops) just to see the challenge I'm working towards this week — it's some kind of murder mystery gamified task. Bring it on, I love a good puzzle.