Why Makers Academy?

I have a degree in Chemistry. After graduating and deciding the industry was not for me, I bounced around various comms-based jobs, unsure of what I really wanted. I ended up doing a masters in Science Communication, whilst working as a front-end web developer at a company who specialise in communicating scientific issues.

I’ve been happy for the past 2 years, because my hobby had become my job. But now I'm starting to realise that front-end alone isn't enough; I want to do more than make static sites. I want to be a well-rounded full-stack developer — and fast.

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Predicting my future

After lots of umm-ing/ahh-ing, advice from mentors and excitable justification to anyone who would listen, I bit the bullet by leaving my job. Come May, I'll be embarking on an intensive 12-week development course at Makers Academy to really give myself a solid foundation of knowledge. I have no idea what will happen once I'm finished — I'll just have to tackle any challenges as they come!