Software Engineer e-commerceWonderbly (formerly Lost My Name), Sep 2016 — current
Front-end Developer agencyNice and Serious, Mar 2014 — May 2016
Coach voluntaryRails Girls London / Node Girls London, Nov 2015 — current

Key skills —

ES6, Node, Express, React, Redux, Functional JS, Ruby, OOP, TDD

Education 🎓

Makers AcademySoftware development course, May 2016 — Aug 2016
Imperial College LondonMSc Science Communication, Oct 2013 — May 2015 (part-time)
Manchester Metropolitan UniversityBSc Chemistry, Sep 2008 — May 2011

I can offer —

A curious mind 💭

I learn by throwing myself in the deep-end and using technology I’m interested in on real projects.

I wanted to try a strongly-typed language, so I built a URL shortener in Go. I’m also curious about GraphQL, so I learnt how to construct queries by converting a REST API into a GraphQL API.

A problem solver 💡

The skills from my scientific background come into use surprisingly often. I try to take a systematic approach to solving a problem, testing a hypothesis either by writing unit tests or intentionally breaking code (and subsequently fixing it, of course).

I'm no stranger to puzzles and can even navigate my way around a Rubik's cube.

Lastly, some of the lovely things my colleagues have (anonymously) said about me during company awards —

"For always taking on work that even the most senior developer would shake at and doing such an incredible job with the work she delivers."
"She's grown from an engineer full of potential when she started, to an engineer bursting with skill now. Plus the talks she's giving and workshops she's helping out with in the wider community. 🙏"
"No matter what's thrown at her, she manages to absolutely smash it efficiently and on time, with minimal bugs woo!"