The precourse is officially over! Week 4 work wasn’t nearly as intense, so I had time to start reading through the Well Grounded Rubyist and flick through POODR (Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby) — the two most recommended books for the course. I also picked up a dinky little O’Reilly Ruby pocket guide, because who has the shoulder strength to carry heavy books and their laptop everyday?

I did my first proper pairing exercise earlier on in the week. Me and Andrea completed a couple of katas and the fizzbuzz challenge over Screenhero — a program that shares one screen with another user. One person ‘navigates’ (directs) whilst the other ‘drives’ (types) the code-writing. I actually really like paired-programming and wish it was a practice I had picked up earlier. Not only is it faster for solving problems, but staring at code all day can get lonely, so being able to ask silly questions to a real person is just so nice.