Software Engineer

  • Building React components and implementing features
  • Migrating the front-end from a Ruby on Rails app to an isomorphic React and Node app
  • Optimising website by running A/B tests

Front-end Developer

  • Building bespoke websites, single page applications, and CMS templates
  • Examples of work

Key skills —

ES6, Node, Express, React, Redux, Functional JS, Ruby, OOP, TDD


Ruby on Rails Coach

  • Giving students an intro to the Ruby language
  • Helping students create their first Rails application

Education 🎓

Makers Academy

  • Learning best practices for object-oriented code
  • Test-driven development and pair-programming
  • Experimenting with unfamiliar tech, for example Leap Motion and WebSockets

Imperial College London

  • Presenting science-related topics to non-experts

I can offer —

A curious mind 💭

I learn by throwing myself in the deep-end and using shiny new technology on real projects. I was incredibly interested in websockets, and successfully learnt how to use the technology by building a real-time multiplayer game.

Busy hands 🙌

I enjoy deconstructing and rebuilding things to understand how they work, much to my parents' dismay when I took my first computer apart. In an attempt to further understand how a popular framework like Express works, I built a web framework from scratch, using only default Node packages for static file serving and HTTP requests. It even includes a custom-built template rendering engine!

Problem solving 💡

My background in Chemistry comes into use surprisingly often. I've learnt to take a more scientific and systematic approach to solving a problem, starting off with a hypothesis and testing it out, either by writing unit tests or intentionally breaking code (and subsequently fixing it, of course). I'm no stranger to puzzles and can even navigate my way around a Rubik's cube.

Completion 💯

Once I commit to something, I give it my all. As well as trying to finish every side quest in Skyrim and Dragon Age, I complete projects as thoroughly as I can down to every last detail. I enjoy seeing projects evolve from vague client requirements through to a polished piece worthy of industry recognition.